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Sea Monster Month Mini-Coloring Book Crowdfunding Project


Thank you so much for your support! We made amazing stretch goals and will be making a fabulous mini coloring book together! I expect to be finished with the extra artwork by the end of June, and should have the coloring book in hand within two weeks of that. Look for your PDF copies early in July, and your print copies towards the end of that month. You guys are awesome - I could not do this without your help!

Ladies and Gentlemonsters!

Torn World is celebrating our fourth annual Sea Monster Month in May of 2015, and this is my third year running a fun little crowdfunding project in conjunction. Previous projects included: Sea Monster Art Cards and The Sea Monster Scale Chart. You can read more about the sea monsters of Torn World here. (There are links to all the individual monsters at the bottom of that page, too!) You can also read one of my perks from a previous crowdfunding, When Sea Monsters Attack!

This month, I am putting together a mini coloring book of sea monsters, both silly and serious. This will be 5.5 x 8.5 inches, and is starting with 8 pages in a PDF edition. Additional pages and print copies will be stretch goals! Difficulty level: pretty darn challenging.

Last day to sponsor: May 31. Last day to commission original work (thunder-whale level): May 25. PDFs may not be available after this project closes!


Goal 1: Print copies become available at $100 in total sponsorships!

$100/$100 towards printed mini-coloring books.

$150: There will be an additional random ACEO print added to every sponsorship of $10 or more.

$150/$150 towards an extra ACEO!.

$200: Additional pages. A total of 10 pages will be included!

$200/$200 towards more artwork.

$250: There will be a sea monster bookmark (laminated and tasseled) added to every sponsorship of $15 and more!

$250/$250 towards a bookmark.

$300: Professional printing. Rather than home-printing these, I will have the coloring books printed at a local graphics printshop - the same place that does my big coloring books! This will unlock the Skeleton on the Beach level, and make the coloring book available outside of this fundraising project.

$300/$300 towards professional printing

$350: More pages! Everyone will get 12 pages of coloring fun!

$350/$350 towards extra pages.

$400: Everyone will get a PDF of the Sea Monster Scale chart in black and white to print and color!

$400/$400 towards a PDF of the scale chart.

$450: A surprise gift in every order of $20 or more...

$450/$450 towards a surprise gift.

$500: A sea monster greeting card with an envelope - Everyone will receive a .pdf file you can print a card from, and a physical copy will be included in every order of $15 or more.

$531.10/$500 towards a greeting card

... and maybe even MORE!


Drill Barnacle Level: Get a PDF copy of the finished coloring book! This is included in every other level, too. $2.00 Special sponsor price no longer available. You can purchase this from my Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ellenmillion

Skeleton on the Beach Level: (Bare bones!) Just a print coloring book and a copy of the PDF. No extras, slow shipping only. $6.00 Special sponsor price no longer available, you can purchase this at EMG: http://ellenmilliongraphics.com/coloringbooks.php

Soldierfish level: Get a basic package of sea monster art - 5 random signed ACEO prints of sea monsters - a mix of previous sea monster art and new pieces from this year, and a printed copy of the coloring book, signed! $10.00

Trapjaw level: Pick an available original ACEO piece. You'll also get 5 random signed ACEO prints of sea monsters, and a coloring book! $15.00 - see below for full list of available pieces and purchase links.

Deathfin level: Choose an 8.5 x 5.5 inch print from any available Torn World piece (sea monster or not), plus 10 random signed sea monster ACEO prints. And a copy of the coloring book! $20.00

Smartarm level: Receive a piece of sea monster original artwork, randomly selected, plus choose an 8.5 x 5.5 inch print from any available Torn World piece (sea monster or not), plus 10 random signed sea monster ACEO prints. And a copy of the coloring book! $30.00

Thunder-whale level: Sponsor one of the pages! You pick the sketch that gets turned into a finished page, or you can make a special request of your own and I'll draw it from scratch! (After May 25th, you may only choose a finished or mostly finished original.) You'll get the original artwork, plus your choice of an 8.5 x 5.5 inch print from any available Torn World piece (sea monster or not), and 10 random signed ACEO sea monster prints. And a copy of the coloring book, of course! $50.00

Guppy (Frilled Whale) level: Single-handedly put the coloring book in print. You get the thunder-whale level as above, but receive a full color original of the page of your choice. Yes, that means you could get a color original of 'After the Wave,' or 'Negotiations!' $100.00

War-sailor's Whim: Pledge some other amount! You are eligible for any of the perks you have pledged enough to cover, but maybe you've got an odd amount to spend, or you're ordering something else and don't owe shipping, or you don't WANT a perk, just want to support the project. Change the quantity in the cart to any number! Leave a message in the cart to let me know what you desire. $1.00

Shipping is calculated by the shopping cart according to your location - most packages will cost $3.75 for first class domestic mail. The PDF level has no shipping charge, of course. You may use EMG or Torn World credits - contact me to make this happen! If you have sponsored previously and already have some of the sea monster ACEOs, let me know which ones you have and I will make sure I do not send duplicates.

Potential Artwork...

Some of these are unfinished sketches, some are ready to go. New sketches may be added throughout the month! The coloring book will be selected from the best of the finished choices. Which pieces get finished will depend on sponsorships and audience input. If you have a favorite, be sure to let me know. (Click for a larger view! Awful photos will gradually be replaced with decent scans and rough sketches will be updated as they are refined and inked...)

ACEO Sponsorships (Trapjaw Level)

These are original ACEOs, colored pencil on colored paper that are just 2.5 x 3.5 inches. This gets you not only the original artwork, but also 5 random sea monster ACEO prints and a copy of the finished coloring book (a pdf copy only, if we do not make it to our print copy goal)! Shipping is added in the shopping cart. These sales add towards our stretch goals!

Blue Harpoon Snail Available! $15

Lurking Smartarm Available! $15

Heat-thief, posted 5/9. Available! $15

Pink Jellyrigger Available! $15

Blimpfish in Love Available! $15

The Dreamskate and the Wreck Available! $15

The Thunder-Whale, Escort Available! $15

Leaping Dreamskates Available! $15

Fighting Armored Mudpuppies, Available! $15

Dorruuyirv Pod, Hunting Available! $15

Weed-Eater and Calves Available! $15

Trapjaw and the (poor!) dolphin Available! $15

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