Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with a sunny day at the fields...

Today, I met up with some other local Mom-friends for sketching and a picnic at Creamer's Field - or tried to, anyway. I got directions mixed up, and Guppy and I ended up having a private picnic and a little sketching before we managed to meet up and take a short walk on the trails with the other kids and Moms. It was still a lot of fun and super nice being out of the house on such a nice day. I was smart and brought a full change of clothing (that we didn't end up needing) and one of my old sketchbooks that I hated (terrible tooth!) for her Very Own sketchbook so that hopefully she wouldn't want to help me with mine too much. Worked like a charm.

"It's my picture. It's very pretty. But it's not done yet. I still have to finish it!"

I should have taken Guppy's first 'Will you carry me?' request more seriously and left then, though. The last leg of the trail back to the car was weeping and trying to trip me and begging to be carried. I gave in and carried her the final bit, because strangers were staring and we were making no actual forward progress towards the car because all of her bones had turned into tears.

Then we got home and she skipped down the driveway and said cheerfully, "Do you want to go for a walk?"

She's still making little noises upstairs, but I expect unconsciousness very shortly.

Sweet, blissful unconsciousness...

No nap for me, though! Sea Monster month starts tomorrow, and I'm putting the final touches on my crowdfunding project. It has gotten the husband seal-of-approval, and I'm excited to release it. It's too little and silly to do a full Kickstarter, but I think it will be fun.

(And I hope it does well!)

I got word yesterday that Guppy has been accepted into the preschool that I really, really wanted to get her into. Yay!
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