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Wednesdaily - photo and daily stuff.

It's a beautiful, crisp morning, and I'm getting us ready to head to the farm to pay for our CSA share and see the cows. The snow has been steadily vanishing, as witnessed by this photo:

It's still freezing at night, so my garden is still covered with straw... and a whole maze of little vole holes. *shakes fist* I am going to have to get some traps, I fear. (Velcro, bless her aging little nose, is a strictly indoor cat after I lost my last cat to a fox.)

Orders stacked up on my desk, waiting for me to get to the post office to get the packing bags I ran out of. ($70 to ship to me... *gnashes teeth*) There's a big pile of postcards to send, too.

I think I finished the edits on my space opera - I ended up making the piece longer by a third, but I think it's a stronger story. I'll give it a clean read-through today and then send it in. The art I've been flailing about got sent in over the weekend, and the other three pieces I've promised are coming along well, barely sketched, and not started, respectively. I am not terrifically worried about any of them right now. I AM excited to start my sea monster project on Friday. :)

Now to work!


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