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Mondaily with weekend report, Guppy photo, new sketchbook and more...

We made SEVEN stops while we were out doing errands this morning. This is what happens when you haven't left the house in a week. Guppy was her fabulous charming self right up until the very last stop, when she tried to bolt away through the produce in Fred Meyers. I looked around from getting salad from the deli and she was GONE. Thank you, nice woman who could see her and point out her trajectory to me. She is napping like a rock now.

On Friday, we went for a slightly longer-than-usual walk than usual, and found a big icy puddle. I asked her if she wanted to hold my hand because the bottom of the puddle was slippery. She declined. And promptly fell down and was soaked the waist in water only barely above freezing. She put her arms in it to try to stand up, of course, and thrashed a bit in outraged shock, so I had a very miserable, VERY wet, very cold little girl, who didn't want to put her VERY wet boots back on after we poured out the water. It was only about 50 degrees out, which feels very warm when you aren't completely sopping wet, but is quite a different story when you are.

I carried her in various uncomfortable positions, and finally got her up on my back, and hauled her up the trail (which was alternately slippery mud and patches of ice), more than half a mile back home. I, of course, was also soaking wet by the time we got home.

Neither of us is much worse for the ordeal, but my shoulders are rather sore, and every so often my back reminds me that I've asked a lot of it lately.

Saturday, we went to look at a climbing toy listed on Craigslist, and came home with it, and an outdoor play kitchen, both of which have already gotten a lot of love.

Sunday, Jake and I left her with Aunt R. and Cousin I., and went out for sushi and opera. We're not generally opera type people, but Carmina Burana has a special place in Jake's memories, and we were willing to chance it. I'm really glad we went - it was remarkably well done, and the guest baritone in particular blew me away. The tenor was ill, so two of his numbers were canceled, but the baritone stepped up and did something unscheduled with his wife (who happened to be a concert pianist) and it was AMAZING. He also did the Barber of Seville. In all, a really nice date.

Today, I did errands. LOTS of errands. The post office, grocery shopping, more shelves and some hooks for Guppy's room, gas for the car, a car wash, and sketchbooks!

I used the VERY LAST PAGES of not one, but two of my sketchbooks on Friday for Sketch Fest. These two pages will become pages for the sea monster mini-coloring book, but you'll get more details about that on FRIDAY. Because May is Sea Monster month, and I'm so excited for it!

(Oh yes, Sketch Fest was this weekend, too! So much creative awesomeness! And I had people over for sketching and cake on Friday and that was amazing, too!)

But that meant I was sans sketchbook - or at least sans sketchbook of reasonable size. I did have a few mini-sketchbooks, but they felt inadequate. It was like being without a limb, I swear. So I went to Jo-Anns and bought a standard large one and a new kind of half-size one with thicker paper. I suspect it will be nice with markers, but we'll have to see. It might have too much tooth, too.

Oops, there's someone insisting 'Good morning!' as she wakes up from her nap. Out of productive time!
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