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Our sled may be a little bit large!

Where there are not rocks, there is ice. Lots of very slick ice. We started to walk up the driveway this morning, but Guppy could not stay on her feet, even holding my hand, so I got the sled for her. (I had Yaktraks, of course.) We sledded back down together until I was afraid for our lives and steered us into a snowbank so I could walk us the rest of the way.

It's colder, today, and windy, so we didn't play outside for very long. I did get to introduce her to the fun of breaking the ice on top of puddles. She didn't particularly like it.

Poking more at advertising things, and looking for review blogs and magazines (so stupidly expensive! Would it be worth it?), managing artist submissions and the like. Got some mailing list updates made. I'm debating between just releasing new books as I have them (I DO have the capital, if barely), versus running a Kickstarter. The spirit of Kickstarter is to get a business started... but the reality is that it is an excellent advertising platform, and I'd get a lot more immediate sales that way.

Working on edits for my space opera story - some of them are easy, some of them are flaily. I'm not great at padding, which makes me (I fear) commercially unviable. I re-started the art I was balking at yesterday in a new media and now it's going well. Need to work further on that today, and also start a commission that I've been dawdling on. Still haven't made a game plan for Sea Monster month, but the husband is making strong coloring book noises at me and that does sound like the most fun to me.

Mph. Art now. Thinking later.
Tags: coloring books, guppy, kickstarter, photos, scaly scaly capitalism

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