Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Brighter Later Tuesdaily... art, and thinking about Sea Monster month!

Guppy is soundly asleep, though I'm twitchy every time I hear any noises from upstairs and haven't gotten much work done. She kept down some Gatorade and pretzels and a frozen yogurt bar (not, perhaps the safest choice, but it got some protein into her), and was falling asleep at the table. I tucked her in with a throw-up bowl, just in case.

This cutie is an aduriyarf, a friendly working dog of the Yasiluu. He went up at Torn World yesterday:

May is Sea Monster month, and I'm scratching my head wondering what project I'll do this year. Last year, I did the scale chart: http://www.tornworld.net/artpageview.php?id=452

The year before, I did the sea monster art cards: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1373367.html

I was thinking maybe trying to do a half-size coloring book (5.5 x 8.5). But I've got four other fairly complex things on my plate that need finished by the end of May, too, so that would be a LOT of work to commit to. Something art-card sized would be more manageable. Would doing color (marker) versions of the pieces I did last year be 'cheating'? It sounds like something I could handle, but that would still be challenging. Otherwise, maybe black and white ACEOs? (Like this guy or this one.) Or maybe a mix of color and black and white ACEOs. Little is good - it's a small commitment.

Should I try for a particular theme, like fighting sea monsters, or leave it open?

Gosh, I could even try to do sea monster poetry, or sea monster flash fiction.

What do you guys things? Anything you'd like to see from me? Anything you'd be inspired to sponsor? :) I'm planning to hop things off by running a Muse Fusion on the weekend of May 1.

Baby noises upstairs. I may have to stage a rescue very soon... Crossing fingers it doesn't involve more laundry. My house smells awful already, even though I keep sanitizing EVERYTHING. :(
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