Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
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Mondaily with guppy photos, new postcards, coloring book submissions and more...

It snowed several inches on Saturday night, and hasn't entirely melted off. Guppy and I went for a tromp this morning, but it was much shorter than usual; it interfered with her eating, I suspect. After a perfectly respectable breakfast, she demanded three bowls of mac and cheese, a pile of chips and a cup of water. Also chocolate (which she didn't get). All before 10 AM.

Because of the new snow, we were able to see tracks on our walk, and I pointed out Norway's footprints to her, and then some fox prints right next to them, talking about how much smaller a fox was, and how to tell what direction they were going. We followed the tracks down the trail for some ways! (The fox also peed in Norway's food dish overnight, but I didn't point that out...)

Taxes are finally finished. Just need to be double-checked and mailed. We got all gung ho about doing them in January, then found out we owed money, and were less enthused about getting them finished early. Checks are ordered. Orders are filled. Coloring book submissions are re-opened: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/submissions.php

I also designed some new promotional postcards for just my coloring books:

I'm trying 2 sides with this one - I'm curious to see if it's worth paying for printing on the second side. (The first thing anyone ALWAYS does is pick up the card and look at the other side. EVERY TIME.)

Nearly out of nap time, and a few more things to cross off my list, so I'm off to do them...
Tags: alaska, coloring books, guppy, photos, promotion, weather

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