Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Sundaily natterings - Guppy photos, coloring book stuff.

I am not notably less jet-lagged than I was yesterday or the day before. Part of this is due to the fact that Guppy thinks that 8:30 is a lovely time to wake up, and will not accept that it's actually 3 hours earlier than that. Yesterday, we just got up. It worked out fine for taking a very early nap so we could go to a preschool open house over her usual naptime. This morning, I convinced her to go back to sleep, but at the expense of my own sleepiness. After trying to get some more shuteye, I had to get up and find somebody who was wrong on the Internet and try hard not to argue with them.

I am a little chagrined about all the press for coloring books for grown-ups right now. I mean, I think it's wonderful, but why are NONE of the articles mentioning me? It could've been a skyrocket for me to be listed in one of these 'great coloring books for adults' lists! It's this Big Thing right now... and I'm over here waving my arms and jumping up and down and no one is seeing me. *sighs* It doesn't help at all that I had to close up my Amazon shop for our trip, the very week a few of these articles and TV spots hit the press and that talented gal went viral.

I keep telling myself I don't *really* want to go viral anyway. Fame is really not to my taste. But selling lots of coloring books would still be really awesome. (Go review them at Amazon, guys! Get me into their metrics so that people can FIND me there!)

That aside, they've actually been selling much more steadily than they usually do at this time of year, especially through Amazon. I've already made twice what I made ALL YEAR last year (Kickstarter aside). Rather than moping about not being found, I went ahead and updated the coloring book sales page with the detail images that I had laying around from the Kickstarter. I will make more for those missing them. I've also uploaded the advertising postcard for printing and will make efforts to get those out.

We went to a preschool open house that I am deeply enthused about. Jake asked tough questions and they answered them really well. Guppy had an awesome time, and although she utterly balked at the door coming in because it was noisy and chaotic, she was painting and playing and getting thirds and fourths of fruit smoothies by herself by the time we left. I call the above photo her 'preschool warpaint.' When I asked her if she liked preschool later, she gave an enthusiastic affirmative.

She is mastering chopsticks. And by mastering, I mean she stabs things with them.

Some breakfast now, quietly. I'm hoping the extra sleep the Guppy is getting will reset her clock correctly. I, on the other hand, will need a nap today.
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