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A very successful doctor's visit for the Guppy today. Previous visits have been fraught with tears and refusals to cooperate (which the nurses and doctors have been terrifically understanding about), but today went very, very smoothly. She was happy to smile at their jokes and stand on the scale and let them measure her. She held still to have her ears looked at. When the doctor first came in, she asked, "Can we go now?" But that was the only hint that she wasn't actually enjoying herself. She was happy to volunteer her own information - and most of it was correct. She took off her shoes when she was asked to, and was willing to walk halfway across the room away from me. I hope it helped that we were due for no shots today, so it was in whole a very pleasant time. Plus, she got new toothbrushes! Everything is in great order with her health. It is ironic that this is the first morning in three weeks that she has wanted to sleep in - and I had to go wake her up for her appointment. I did, at least, get a shower before I had to get her up.

Have a silly photo:

One of the things I do because I'm not a jerk is use a stick to flick poop off the main trail when we're walking. Mostly, I only have to do this with Norway's, but once in a while we'll find a pile left by a fox or someone else's dog.

Guppy thinks this is the most fun thing ever, and though I haven't let her flick actual poop ('it's gross!'), she loves to find sticks and flick pretend poop off the trail. It took us about 20 minutes to walk 200 feet the other day, because she kept finding more piles of pretend poop. Also, she loves the word poop. I'll post video to Facebook.

Right now, she's upstairs yelling, "Listen to ME!" because she doesn't want to nap.

I got an extension on a deadline that was beginning to breath down my neck, and made excellent progress over the weekend on my tarot piece for the 78Tarot project. I also got my eyes checked (everything fine! Though it's always a little alarming when they cluck over my retinas and marvel over how much of them are scar tissue and thin spots...), and my teeth cleaned. Sound-cancelling earphones and good music are MARVELOUS when they are scraping on your teeth.

Orders to fill now. Cheerio!
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