Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with a very gross morning.

There were cat barfing sounds to get me out of bed. (WHY always on the rug?!)

I was still cleaning that up when Guppy woke up and began crying. "I'm poopy! My sleeper's wet!"

And yes, that required a load of laundry that included all of her bedding.

Then, my house smelled like various foul things, besides which I had gotten lazy the night before and not picked up all the toys. So, there was a flurry of cleaning, and taking the trash out and such, which may not seem like the greatest way to start a day, but the result is a house much improved for the effort; it smells good and is not a disaster, and I feel rather accomplished.

We went for a shorter walk yesterday evening (probably only half a mile), and it was warm enough that I let her wear her sun hat:

A few Patreon patron portraits to polish up today and scan, and I've got a programming thing for the Lilypad that has been put off too long. (Allowing artists to update their photos!) I'd also like to poke at some advertising for coloring books - I have a few local things to pursue, and I need to do some new postcards. Taxes are calling, too. I finished business taxes some time ago, but the rest of them need to be put together. Guppy is happily watching "Ariel" now, and then we'll go for a walk in the snow. Oh, and my NEW new phone is in, so I've got the fun and excitement of setting all that up.

New artwork at Torn World! http://www.tornworld.net/artpageview.php?id=492

Also, I officially hate dealing with shipping costs to Alaska...
Tags: artwork, guppy, pets, photos, torn world

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