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Tuesdaily with Guppy photo, moon story,

I have a new phone on its way via Express mail, horrah! It took a (wasted) trip across town to the Apple store, but everything is sorted to replace it in the next few days. No more randomly dead battery!

I'm suspecting a growth spurt on the part of Ms. Guppy. Her eating has been erratic, and her sleep has been off. I had to wake her up - twice! - from her nap yesterday, and she resisted going to bed for the longest time.

"I SAID GOOD MORNING," she hollered. And when that didn't work, "I'm SAD! I'm SO SAD"

The third time I went in, I tried bargaining. "I'm going to show you something, but then you have to lay down and go to sleep, okay?"

She sniffled but nodded, and I picked her up to take her to the window and open the curtains.

"There's the moon! It's a little moon, way up in that tree right now. It's awake while we sleep, and sometimes it's asleep when we're awake. It will keep watch while we sleep tonight."

She stared at it for a few moments, and then I tucked her back into bed. She went to sleep without another sound.

She's fast asleep for her nap now, curled up with Not-Toothless, after a day of errands.

(I handed her stuffed cat to her a few days ago. "Here's Toothless for you!"

"No," she told me firmly. "He's only a kitty cat, not a kitty-cat-dragon. He's Not-Toothless."

So, there we are. Not-Toothless it is.)

There is fresh granola made, and I did the bare minimum of cleaning required to keep the house from descending into utter chaos. I've coordinated for a date with the husband this weekend, and have dental, vision, and yearly check-ups on the calendar over the next two weeks. An insurance tangle has been straightened, and a bill paid. I'm going to work on some deadline artwork today, and watch a little DS9 (I would watch Agent Carter, but need more attention for art-things), and dig through my email.

Stay tuned for more thrilling adventures!



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