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Mondaily with 3 photos and new artwork

This week is at least starting better than last week went. I'm a bit behind, but starting to feel like my feet are under me again.

One of the bright points of last week (rather literally; it was very sunny!) was a trip to the ice park, which was delightful fun.

One of her latest favorite things is 'locking the door' with her play keys.

And she loves olives better than anything...

New artwork at Torn World

I got two rough sketches, one refined sketch, and 2 ink portraits finished for the weekend's Muse Fusion.

Finished my short story and sent it in for consideration for an anthology. Not quite as in love with it as I was, but hopefully it's just that post-writing slump. Deciding on my next angle of attack, creatively. I'm ahead on little art to post at Torn World, I have one more portrait in the queue for Portrait Adoption, and I'm thinking art-wise, I need to steam ahead on my Sketch Tarot project. I should also work on a site for it. Hmm. There's also a thing I want to do for Sketch Fest, and a thing for Torn World. And emails, of course. *stinkeyes the inbox.*

Enjoying the HECK out of Agent Carter. The aesthetic is just marvelous. And she SO reminds me of mizkit. :) I'm on episode 5 now and avoiding spoilers.


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Mar. 24th, 2015 02:18 am (UTC)
Heee! I did that with olives when I was little. Maybe even not so little as Ms. Guppy is. :)

Have you set a date for the next sketchfest?
(Deleted comment)
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