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Tuesdaily, with more How to Dragon stories...

Guppy got a stuffed gray tabby kitty for her birthday. She didn't even seem to notice it when she was unpacking her box - captured by the babydoll and other shiny things in the same package. The kitty got tossed aside, and added to her heap of stuffed animals. But not for long. As part of her How to Train Your Dragon obsession, she latched onto the kitty. "It's my kitty dragon!" she said in delight. It has become the only toy she allows in her bed. "Toofless," she calls it. "Toofless is my friend. My name is Hiccup."

We went for a walk to see 'armaments' this morning - six of them! (She insisted.) We came back and had a giant lunch (leftover cheese and chicken casserole with cherry tomatoes) and watched Star Trek. She still gets ridiculously excited over the opening credits of Next Generation. "Is the music coming?" she asks, bouncing in place. "SPACE!" And when the warp drive flashes, there is a smile the size of a planet, and she's dancing and cheering. That's my little geekling.

I looked over after I'd given her a cookie, to find her head had gone down on the table and her eyes were closed. "I didn't know you were that tired," I said.

She sat bolt upright. "I'm not tired. I have to play downstairs more." Her head bobbled on her neck alarmingly.

She was up early this morning, and had a very short nap and early morning yesterday, so I think I've got a good nap ahead of me. I hope so; I have some programming goals to tackle. I'm also in home stretch on the story I'm working on. 3500 words so far, and closing in on an ending.

My new phone is in, and I'm going through all the hassles of setting up my contacts and emails and logging into various accounts. Here's a photo, LJ willing, from our walk today:

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