Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursday words.

New design at EMG!

Notes to self: Jeff Ward's new prints! Nathan E. Skank's prints! Ursula's tigers and bear! The rest of Marilyn's work! The rest of Victoria's work! Sarah's coloring book! Jennie's T-shirt! Then I'll be caught up on currently contracted work. I think. Wait... two more of Matthew's designs, too. One of these days, I might have to add more of my own work, too. What a shock!

Then, I get to contract more. Yay! Also, I have some signature pages that need to be sent. Several signature pages. Stupid snail mail stuff... I hate snail mail. I hate having my postage scale in one place, my printers and files in another, and me with an hour to burn at a third location forty minutes away round trip. Argh.

Still, I find myself very, very, VERY grateful that I don't have to put together a catalog this year. What a weight off.

Looking forward to test-printing Sylver's book. *grin* Have the binding supplies, have essentially given up on the seven or eight no-responses from the publishing co's I inquired to. Besides, I like glue, and there's no way they're going to charge me less than I'll be spending. I don't /think/ it'll take that much time, either. I'll post pictures, if anyone wants to see the process. (Some pictures... I don't want to gum up my Palm with glue)

Yesterday I did very little. I didn't even get the two measly things on my list crossed off. And I don't care a bit. I needed a day to nap with the cat and turn the woodstove up so high I couldn't wear clothing in the house, and I needed some quality time with my sketchpad Just For Me. And I did get two designs up at EMG. The second of which I am enormously pleased with the layout of. And I even coded in bookmarks so that the details link actually goes to the detail, not just the page the detail is on.

Drew some Torn World fluff, which I'm awfully pleased with compositionally. It's framed and finished looking. :) And I watched fluffy TV and chopped some wood and didn't do dishes or scoop out the catbox.

I expected to feel far guiltier today, but instead I just feel smug and... hmm... whole. Maybe I'm getting this martyr instinct under control finally...

Noticing a trend to drop the beginnings of sentences. Wonder if it bugs anyone. Big fan of Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and fear I've sort of absconded with the writing style. Wish I had a copy of it... haven't read it in years and years.

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