Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily with How to Train Your Toddler

We watched How to Train Your Dragon three times yesterday. I am not usually a TV-all-day Mom, but when little snuffly-Guppigus looks at me with those big eyes and asks super politely, "Can we pwease watch How to Dwagon again?" in her super stuffed-up voice I melt like a snowball on a hotplate. And this is an awesome movie. I'm not actually sick of it yet.

"Where's Moss?" she asks.

I've figured out who she means by this. "You mean Astrid?"

"Yeah! Mustard!"

The first time she saw Toothless, she said with glee, "It's kitty! A kitty cat!"

"It's a dragon," I elaborate.

"A kittycat dragon!" And that is what Toothless has been, ever since. When we went out for our walk in the snow, she wanted to find her kittycat dragon. "He's my friend!" she explained.

She woke up this morning about 4 AM; I could barely hear her congested plea for help. She was miserable enough to ask for nosedrops, which she HATES. I spent the rest of the night very restlessly, because I kept thinking I heard her crying. I'm going to set up her monitor again tonight, I think.

And little snuffleface is up now, so I'm off. Probably to watch 'How to Dragon' again.
Tags: guppy, updates

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