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New at Torn World:

This is a shagback. I added the jaunty little tail because I didn't want it to be JUST like a musk ox.

I've also done some more major programming at Torn World that should make it easier to get comments on artwork - stories will get the same treatement after this has been well-tested.

New at Portrait Adoption:

I'm not enraptured with this piece, but it taught me a lot.

Poor Guppy sounds like someone stuffed cotton up her nose, though it hasn't slowed her down much. Her cheeks are occasionally very red, and she says her teeth hurt, which may also be related. I've got the humidifier going in her room for her nap, gave her tylenol, and convinced her (kicking and screaming) to take nose drops. She was asleep before I tucked her in.

It's snowing today, which is lovely. I made a small batch of granola (it really is best fresh) and cleaned up the house, though you can't tell now. I'm going to watch DS9 and write... something. I've got programmer head, still, so I may tackle something for Sketch Fest. Or something else altogether. Or maybe I'll work on my 78 Tarot piece, which is coming along nicely. I've really been enjoying the little pieces I've been doing for Torn World, too. But it's been so long since I did any creative writing... oh, too many choices!

Terrible problem to have.

I'll leave you with a Guppy photo from last week:


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Mar. 6th, 2015 03:29 am (UTC)
Please tell me that the shagback wags that jaunty little tail.
Mar. 6th, 2015 07:04 am (UTC)
Armaments! :)

The blond guy does look a wee bit alien, but I'm having trouble putting a finger on why, other than fluffy-on-top 80s hair.
(Deleted comment)
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