Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I hate daycare.

We went to the daycare at our club on Monday for a little less than an hour - just to give Guppy some other-kids time, and get her used to the place so I could leave her and get back to my exercise regime someday. And guess who is snuffly and coughing today? Poor Guppy.

We went outside to play anyway (because I'm all for keeping a snuffly kid away from others, but outside is way healthier than inside, any day of the week), and broke trail to the main trail. Our trail-to-the-trail got completely snowed in - like you couldn't even SEE it - during our little mini-blizzard. Then we came back to the house and laid in snowbanks, which she thought was great fun.

Her appetite has not suffered, and she ate an enormous lunch. Nap has been fractious - she got rest, but not the long sleep-of-the-dead she usually does. And speaking of, she is waking up again and I'm going to go get her this time instead of trying to convince her back to sleep.

So, the super fast list of things done: MAJOR programming updates at Torn World, including new character review, four little character portraits drawn for Torn World and some more critters, and one portrait for PA, getting both sites updated week-daily, approved some adoption, freelance programming things done, bread rising for pizza tonight, lots of medical things scheduled (teeth, eyes, Guppy's yearly), got on the waitlist for a preschool in town, have finally conquered the stupid short login period at both Sketch Fest and Torn World (YAY), and probably some other things. Here's some art that went up at Torn World:

These little guys are just a few inches long: http://www.tornworld.net/artpageview.php?id=482

Tags: artwork, guppy, health

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