Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I have so many things that need done today that I'm not sure where to start. A list is needed, I fear:

Programming job, PE
Programming job, WD
Programming, Sketch Fest (watchlist stuff, delete/hide stuff, multi-item management)
Programming, Sketch Tarot (personal project)
Art, IG project (tight deadline)
Art, SD (deadline, but not tight)
Art, Moon book
Art, Sketch Tarot
Art, 78Tarot (deadline, but not tight)
Writing, Torn World (a billion things)
Writing, gift story (overdue, just needs edits)
Advertising, Postcard for coloring books
Advertising, Postcard for PA
Emails: 83

Okay, that did me no good whatsoever. Probably, nothing there is going to give me the satisfaction of crossing off today.

I'm going to go eat pineapple upside down cake and then start with the tightest deadline. I am SO glad my chiropractor had an opening today - I've been battling a several-day headache and really, really need that massage.

Have a silly Guppy photo. Maybe I will be more interesting later...

Tags: guppy, lists, photos

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