Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Day Off! Yes!

Two more designs up at EMG. And I could work on some more... but ya know, I've already accomplished a pile of stuff and I told myself I had two goals today: settle construction loan mess and finish Wendy's logo. Other than that, anything accomplished is a bonus! No day job today, just be-good-to-self day. I'm worth it! Darnit.

And I finally dug up my weekend entry. How difficult could it be to find a stinking floppy? You'd guess they were extinct...

Productive day, though not for EMG.

We got the trench and post finished for plugging in the vehicles. Much, much nicer than our usual trip-over-the-cord and hang-the-cord-on-a-nail-on-a-tree method. This cord is seated very nicely in a good layer of sand buried several inches.

Also finished leveling the pad for the shed, and got all the walls up. Yay! Kind of a pain, and several of the joints took some serious 'persuasion.'

Then, after a long, somewhat cold, day of outdoor work, we desperately devoured a can of chili apiece and I started a fire in the woodstove; first of the season! Then I had Jake carry my desk chair downstairs, where I plugged in Dad's laptop, sat in long-underwear luxury in front of the fire, and wrote on a Torn World story for a while as Jake watched hockey upstairs.

Woops. Gotta put more wood on....

There is something enormously satisfying about having a woodstove. Yes, there is that 'warms you up twice' angle with the chopping of the wood and all, but there's also something delightful and happy about the warmth from a fire.

I feel rather renewed. More than a little tired, and I'm glad I thought to wear my back brace today, but it was nice not doing One Damn Thing for work, or EMG, or anybody but me and my sweetie.

Velcro is trying to sneak up on the fire behind the glass, and I'm rather nervous that she's going to burn herself trying to jump on top of the stove. I suppose that would only happen once. I also suspect that if I moved the laptop an inch, she'd be up here competing for lap space.

I'm all sleepy and content.


Spent some cat time, watched the end of the hockey game with Jake (3 goals in 34 seconds to turn around and win!! Go Nanooks!) and watched Enterprise. Now Austin City Limits is on upstairs and I'm back downstairs with the laptop feeling rather as if I may have a story in my fingertips. If nothing else, it's nice having the house temperature at nuclear and a half. I've got a bikini on and I'm pretending I'm on the beach. :D Now where is that pool boy with my strawberry daquiri?

Things to add to list of things to do: mail Chel's shirt, email Chel, finish t-shirt graphic for Jim, print magnets for WW. Set up page for WW. Get documented permission for WW page. But I'm not doing Any of it now.


I think I'll head downstairs and sit in front of the fire with a sketchpad for a while. :)

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