Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

The Guppy and the Moon

"Look, Guppy! The moon is setting! Isn't it pretty and bright?"

We were out getting wood for the fire. (Getting Guppy outside had been a bit of a struggle: "No, I don't NEEEEEEED a hat! No coat! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I think she wasn't quite ready to get up, and has been quite cranky this morning) It was 10 or 15 below, and just starting to get light. It was still dark enough that the moon, nearly resting on the ridge opposite, was a brilliant disc in the sky.

"Can we go see it?"

... "No, it's too far away!"

"It's right there!"

"It doesn't look that far away, but really, it's very, very, very far. We would walk for days and still never catch it."


(a pause)

"Where's another moon?"

... "There is no other moon! Just the one!"

"Where's another moon?"

"Sorry sweety, there's just one! It will go all the way around the world and come up tonight, over there. There it goes now! It's going away!"

"Bye, bye, moon!"

New milestones in adorability.
Tags: alaska, guppy, weather

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