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Slogging through taxes and updating Portrait Adoption. I think I'm a little more than halfway through updating aaaaaaallllllll those portraits. I've also started organizing my own portraits (and deleting a whole bunch of them). It's all grinding work, and feels very unrewarding at the moment. I know it will be worth it, but my brain wants to go skipping off in random directions in the meantime. I did pause to update the icons - now a wishlist is a heart, and originals available are stars, to match Sketch Fest. There are a few other teeny upgrades I may pause to do once I can't stand the stupid checkboxes or columns of data again.

Guppy was up once last night, about 3. "I'm sad. I need a hug. I'm done sleeping." This child is a master manipulator already. I got her back down, but am feeling rather zombie today.

It warmed up to 25 below yesterday, and is a balmy 15 below today.

Unfortunately, we've discovered that our outdoor LED lights are no good at about 20 below. They fail into a spectacularly nauseating strobe, totally seizure-inducing. It's awful. The halogens on either side of the house work fine, fortunately, but we'll be replacing two LED fixtures in the spring.

I miss having a working camera phone, and that is the reason you haven't been getting adorable Guppy photos. I need to take that apart today and see if it's salvageable. But that means backing the phone up, and I'm laaaazzzzzy (and hate iTunes).

Back to it...


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Jan. 28th, 2015 09:51 pm (UTC)
Oh lordy, that sounds awful! We have one in our office that flickers from time to time and it just makes me nuts.
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