Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily with Sketch Fest and Muse Fusion!

Today is a vast improvement over yesterday... though the cheese powder all over the kitchen and the grouchy Guppy being awake before the alarm wouldn't have been good clues that this would be the case.

I have not vacuumed, but I have made granola, and I've got a heap of wood inside, and I opened up Sketch Fest and the Torn World Muse Fusion. I even had a chance to write a flash fiction for Thimbleful Thursday/Muse Fusion while I distracted Guppy with Beauty and the Beast.

After stuffing three servings of macachee into Guppy (NOT via the nose), she is down for a nap, so I am going to get a sketchbook next and look over prompts for both events. I haven't had art time in DAYS, I've been so wrapped up in the Portrait Adoption updates. (Which is going swimmingly, but slow. The updating of categories is tedious and tricky, and I am going to be weeks more in doing so.)

Art now.
Tags: guppy, muse fusion, sketch fest

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