Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Important information for Portrait Adoption artists - and those who would like to be!

I am slaving hard on the Portrait Adoption improvements - there are scads of new search categories and options, originals are now available for sale through the site, and my admin backend has finally been upgraded to simplify my life.

Most critical for artists: printing prices have gone up! This reflects a steep increase in supply cost that I've been absorbing for years. The sale price of portraits has been accordingly raised so that you receive the profit you originally set out to get, but you may wish to adjust your pricing at tad.

I am still on a long slog to go through EVERY portrait to update their keywords so that they show up correctly in searches, and I'm additionally going through all my high-res files and updating ALL the old (pre-this-webpage) portraits with adoption images and such. (So I'm not caught flat-footed when one of these older pieces is adopted, having to search through my old discs and computer backups...) It is a ridiculously lengthy process, and I've been putting it off FAR too long, but the final result will be worth it. Note that if I can't find your high-res files, your piece WILL be removed from the site! You will have the option of re-submitting it if you have your own copy of the file.

Other new and newish things:

We have a Facebook group! This is private to contracted artists, for sharing WIPs, talking about policy, getting advance warning about big projects, reminders about submitted descriptions, etc. I highly recommend joining: https://www.facebook.com/groups/portraitadoption/

If you want to get alerts about new submitted descriptions, you should log into the lilypad, click on 'My Info', click 'information and links' and check the box for PA updates!

If you'd like to offer your portrait originals through the site, you may do so now! You are responsible for shipping and may set your price for this accordingly higher. There is a super fancy fee calculator available at the lilypad so you can figure out what you will make at any given price.

Have you been considering membership? There's really no better time... Once all of this fiddly stuff is done? BIG advertising campaign! New portraits! Maybe some prizes and celebration?

Membership is paperless - you just agree to the terms and can submit portraits, though you may not offer standard adoptions unless I have signed certificates on hand. Just ask for the link!

Now, I have to go snarf down some breakfast and wake the Guppy... busy morning ahead!
Tags: portrait adoption

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