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Wednesdaily with new toys, artwork, vacation story.

I caved and ordered more Copic markers. OH, the pretty, pretty colors! I experimented with a pencil portrait I did for PA and was pleasantly surprised to find that they go over pencil shading with minimal dirtiness. Lots of further experimentation required - I am definitely a lot more awkward with color in general than I should be. It will go up when the PA upgrades are complete.

I should probably get moving on those. Hmm.

I finished the Temperance card yesterday, and that I will show now:

I fear it is too much of an inside joke (she is an old fanfiction character of mine), but I like her anyway.


My shoulder, miraculously, is completely better today. I stretched a lot, and did a few exercises I found on the 'you have leprosy' dregs of the Internet. Over the day, it gradually went from 'dying now!' to 'I don't notice this.' By evening, I couldn't even make it hurt. Not going to complain.


On the property we rented was a very large, tall tree, a ceiba. The house owners had a platform built on it, and a climbing rig in place. We hired a climbing guide, and braved the climb! None of us had done any climbing before, and the guide waited until we were all the way up to let us know that no party of four rookies had ever made it entirely to the top. He did warn us about the bees nest halfway up. But hey, they weren't stinging bees, just biting. No venom. I went first, and, having no one to compare myself to, figured I should try not to slow everyone else up. I took breaks as I felt they were needed, but basically went right up. Apparently, that qualified me as a natural, and I was appointed the belay for the repel down.

(And the bees didn't bother me in the slightest, though some of the others got bit a few times.)

The view from the top was breathtaking. Out across the Pacific, across acres of jungle. We saw several howler monkeys - including a momma carrying her baby.

The most stressful part of the whole trip was leaving Guppy behind with strangers, but that worked out just perfectly: the climbing guide's wife and 9-year old daughter came with him, and Guppy took one look at the little girl, took her hand, and led her into the bedroom to play. She ate a stunning amount of fruit while we gone, and chocolate granola bars, and sat in the pool, and gave them all pretend food (which the climbing guide's wife thought was hilarious. 'Imagination food!' she said, laughing, in her Spanish accent).

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