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Fridaily with more vacation photos, new digistamp, old story.

Guppy was her usual happy self at the post office and charmed the staff and other customers as we mailed out orders. Then we went to the store and bought a humidifier and groceries and she ate her weight in mozzarella sticks and picked the colors for our new (sale) bathmats.

She's getting terrifically conversational, and she picks up and remembers things that surprise me. We drove past McDonalds, which I pointed out to her. "They have the big yellow slide there," I reminded her. "E-I-E-I-O," she returned.

That led to much singing of Old McDonald. She gets stuck in a feedback loop if I'm not singing with her, and there are about 50 "With a woof woof! With a woof woof! With a woof woof! With a woof woof!"s in a row. Her sense of tune for the rest of it is really coming together. Her raven imitation is improving, too.


I have a new digi stamp up at Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/217698108/family-garden-digi-stamp-digital?ref=shop_home_active_1

And a new story at Torn World: http://www.tornworld.net/storypageview.php?id=602 (Previously posted here at Livejournal for a Thimbleful Thursday)


Customs going into Costa Rica was actually smoothed over by a very restless, tired toddler who was starting to have a meltdown. They bumped us up to the head of a new line and pushed us right through.

We were renting a house near Dominical, a 3 or 4 hour drive away over roads that had been described as poorly marked and very steep, so we opted for a hotel that night in San Jose. After renting a car and going to the wrong hotel, we ended up on our place for the night and walked to the Walmart next door to stock up. Tired toddler fell asleep on my shoulder as we were leaving, and napped face-down on our bed while we ate sandwiches.

We set off the next morning on our driving adventure!

The roads were not as awful as I expected! Everything but the last road was paved, there were ample shoulders, and if local drivers were... er... lax about the passing laws and speedlimits, they were safe for the most part. The country was steep, beautiful, and it was hot.

We rented a house that we shared with Jake's sister and her husband, up in the hills a short drive from several gorgeous beaches. We had a private pool, and a view of the ocean to the west, perfect for sunsets:

We did a lot of reading. (This was a little complicated for Guppy, but she tried.)

And we did a lot of sitting by the pool and swimming.

(to be continued!)
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