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It was an awesome morning! I was very productive, and I blew threw most of my household chores. Guppy was happy, fire was nice, even did a little sketching...

Then, there was a poop incident, and I broke the blender making hummus, and I tried to sit down to work on a coding thing that SHOULDN'T BE THIS HARD, and I just feel stupid. Seriously, Google. I consider myself bright and capable of self-teaching, but your API documentation is crap. What I'm trying to do is VERY basic, and your site just leads me around in circles and dead-ends me in depreciated pages. All I want to do is add a simple calendar event with php. That's all. It shouldn't be rocket science. And yes, I had a perfectly good script that did this until two weeks before my vacation, when you decided to depreciate the Zenlibrary I was using. Thanks for that.

Also, the back-facing camera on my phone isn't working. I need to take it apart and see if I can fix it, but it's VERY INCONVENIENT.

Urgh. URGH.

Here's The Hermit for my Sketch Tarot project, finished yesterday. Not linking to the project page this time, because I haven't updated it with new pricing. (If you find it anyway [not rocket science], I will honor the old prices. They will be going up SIGNIFICANTLY.)

I'm also working on another tarot thing, unrelated, that will be a big piece. A REALLY big piece. It's exciting.

I will do more travel-log when I am in an improved mood. It may take chocolate.
Tags: coding, rants, sketch tarot

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