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Wednesdaily - Trip report, photos,

I need to start a load of clothes and make granola, but the rest of my house chores are done. Oh, and bring in wood.

Here's a preview of the ACEOs I colored yesterday:

I don't have many colors of Copics yet, but I'm intrigued by them so far. I'd like some more colors - a range of greens and grays, and a good red, at the least. This is a good stretch for me! I'll post these separately in various places (Sketch Fest, etc.) today if I have time. If you're interested in owning one of these originals, let me know.

I also have new artwork at Torn World - a Geographic Sciencecard example:


Vacation recap, part 2.

The second full day we were in Orlando, we went to SeaWorld. I was a little leery - would we be able to spend an entire day there, making it worth the ticket price? We got the all-you-can-eat bracelets, and I wondered if we'd end up eating enough to justify them. Would the lines be ridiculous? Was it too cheesy to appeal to grown-ups? Too sophisticated for a 2-year old?

To sum up, it was wonderful.

The penguin ride was entertaining and chilly - we were glad we were wearing sweatshirts! I imagine that would be VERY popular in the heat of the summer.

This was sitting down to watch the dolphin show, which was really amazing. For the whale show, which we also caught, little Miss had a complete meltdown, which resolved as we were walking out and she fell asleep on my shoulder. We stayed for the show, and I ended up carrying her around for a little while that way, which gave my arms a heck of a workout.

Then we went to pet the rays, which someone thought was quite cool. We fed them little shrimps, and later in the day, she actually asked to go back.

There were the kinds of lines we were expecting at the sandwich shop we went to for lunch, but otherwise, I think it was chilly enough, and off-season, that there just weren't standard crowds.

"What are you doing?" I asked her, as she tried to kick at the glass.
"I'm opening it," she replied, with no ideas of the deadly physics involved. Fortunately, she's a little underpowered for the task.

And the next day, we flew to Costa Rica!
(to be continued!)
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