Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Long day, but lots accomplished. Got another design set up at EMG. Yeah, just 1, but it was a complicated one... definitely not just cut and paste. I like the final product, though. Clean, plenty of detail available, seems to fill up the space correctly at most window-sizes. And that's another artist page set up, too.

Getting ready to tackle Victoria's pile 'o work. I kind of doubt I'll get all the way through tonight. I'm beat already, and still have magents for Woodworks to cut out. And T-shirt care sheets to print. I should at least be able to get the shopping cart scripts written, and the images made up. I can't believe I've already used up 450 Megs of webspace... that upload site is a tempting space hog, and I'm going to have to stay on top of cleaning it out.

Serious, seriously considering taking a whole week off the first week of November. The luxury! The obscene amount of work I could get done!! Submissions would be closed, and I could just plow through and get everything updated. And work on those bloody tarot cards.


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