Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

2014 Artwork and Wrting Retrospective (part 1 - super image intensive!)


Five super-rough sketches for Sketch Fest - I would go on to finish a few of them later! Nothing finished this month.


Seven sketches for Sketch Fest.

Farscout and Brightwood for River Twine


Six sketches for Sketch Fest.

Colors of Change

Last Kickstarter ACEO reward for the Fantastrix project.

A Rare Event (poem)


Eight sketches for 2 Sketch Fests
Under Cover (short story)
A Good Start (short story)

For Portrait Adoption
Kickstarter Clues (non-fiction)


Just 2 sketch fest sketches, one became the border for the Sea Monster scale chart:

Sea Monster Scale Chart! Each monster was done and released individually, as well as the border, so this actually represents a LOT of work. I crowd-funded this through the month of May and finished it early June.
The Prettiest Sea Monster (cartoon)
Beneath the Shell (shape poem for supporters only!)
The Smartarm Strikes (shape poem for supporters only!)


Four sketches for Sketch Fest.

Never Travelling Alone (1600 words, reserved for Torn World supporters)

Negotiations (a little too late for Sea Monster month, but early enough to include in the Fishpond Fantasies coloring book that would come out later)

Installing the Lights - with an article on the symbolism I used.

Prescriptive Music in the Empire (metafiction)

Giant Lobster (metafiction)

Monster Hug - finished sketch from the April Sketch Fest, and one of the first digi stamps I offered in my Etsy shop.

For the rest of the months, I wrapped them up individually, under this tag here: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/tag/monthly%20roundup

It seems silly to do the same thing over again for the year in review... but I will be posting a final 'count' and examination here shortly, because I just love looking over statistics like that.
Tags: year in review

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