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Ellen Million

November 2014 Roundup

Have you missed some of my creative updates over the last month? I'm doing monthly roundups to try to keep some sense in the chaos!

My big November goal, because I wasn't nuts enough to try NaNoWriMo, was to complete 30 pieces of short fiction or meta-fiction for Torn World. I made it with time to spare! It was a busy month (surprise), with a few holidays, a brief and mild headcold, and some fun social things. I did PopCon, which was a very pleasant surprise, and did an interview for the Sun Star (which won't be out for months!). Oh, and I fulfilled my entire Kickstarter project!


I did an astonishing four pieces for Portrait Adoption. I am now one away from my goal of 6 for the year.

Evervale and Shaper's Nightmare went up at River Twine. (ElfQuest fanart)

Five pieces that I did for InkTober were posted at Torn World: Fleita and Arremina, Squiggle Mouse, Weed-Eater, Deathfin, and (Tiny) Giant Sea Turtle. Also, Nerveleaf, and two Geographic Sciencecards: The Scenic North and Mojeveterk.


Smaller is a flashfiction reserved for subscribers at Torn World. ($5 to sponsor)

Scheming a Friendship was written for Thimbleful Thursday. (Also Torn World)

Bai Knows Better is a mirror poem to Ressa Knows - both are reserved for subscribers at Torn World (they can be sponsored for $5 apiece). Patreon patrons got a copy of both of these.

Give Up the Ghost was also a Thimbleful Thursday, set in none of my established worlds... but it's a tempting setting.

The Thornwall at River Twine (ElfQuest fanfiction).


I shared a table at PopCon, which was great fun and quite successful.

I fulfilled my entire Kickstarter! WOO! The comments I've gotten from happy recipients are absolutely wonderful.

I updated my Amazon store, and my Etsy store.

I made my 30/30 NotNoWriMo goal.

My favorite Guppy photo:

Now? I'm ready for a month off.
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