Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily with Guppy photo, new art.

It is way, way too easy to stay up late watching Alias when no one has to get up the next morning. Oops.

I woke up to find that it was snowing! Horrah! We've had SO little snow so far this year, it's been a little crazy. Once Guppy is finished with her granogurt (yogurt with homemade granola!), we'll bundle up and go out and play. I will take photos, light willing.

From a few nights ago, in her favorite sleeper getting ready for bed.

237 emails in my inbox. My goal is to get that down under 10 this week. I could live with that.

And some new art!

(Click to adopt!)
Tags: artwork, guppy, photos

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