Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily, brief version.

My day was much improved by a fun pool playdate. We went shopping for the weekend afterwards; Guppy charmed everyone by galloping around in her Anna hat and Russian princess coat being cheerful and polite and enthusiastic about everything. (And mostly not getting in the way of other people or touching things... Mostly.) There was a teensy temper tantrum in the checkout line, but she let me distract her. She came home and ate a tremendous plate of food (Two whole legs of fried chicken! Crackers! Grapes! Oreos! Cashews! Oranges!) and is now sleeping soundly. I could maybe be working on something productive, but instead I'm watching Alias and blogging. Because I can. Because my brain needs a little fluff right now. I'm even indulging in a mini-Coke, because it's Friday. And I can.

I made my 30/30 NotNoWriMo!
Tags: guppy

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