Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Play by play of Friday...

Few dozen artist-letters written. Have begun to add names to the subject line. My EMG > Interested Artists folder has about seventy letters with the subject 'EMG Art submission' and I can't tell which ones went to which people without opening them. Argh.

Some more EMG work up. Some more contracts finished up and several others worked on.

A few pages of Photoshop tutorial written, some pdfs made and mailed, and some good lunch eaten, too.

I agreed to go to a hockey game with Jake tonight, and am rather looking forward to it. He really likes hockey, and he really likes sharing things he likes. Besides, they have yummy sausages. It could be fun.

We carpooled today, and I got to drive the truck. Puurrrr.... nice, shiny, truck with good sound system and super comfy seats and BOY is it big.

I had a Coke after lunch, and now I'm well-wired. :) Zing!

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