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I had a busy and successful weekend!

My Kickstarter is entirely fulfilled! 100%! All of the local pickups are picked up, the one replacement I've had to send is out. All the orders made with EMG credits, all the off-Kickstarter-but-counted-towards-Kickstarter, everything. (There's that one survey I still don't have, but I'm not counting that one, because rar.) In fact, I'm caught up on all my other orders, too - Amazon and EMG and everything. Gold star, me!

I spent Friday evening and Saturday afternoon and evening at the university for Popcon, which was a very pleasant surprise. I split a table with laylalawlor and it worked out very well. I went in with very low expectations, to be very honest - I was expecting a couple of tables tucked away in a corner, a few dozen die-hard geeks, maybe one or two costumes, maybe one or two sales, and it was much, much better than that! I still need to do inventory and log royalties, but it was definitely worth the time.

I also did an interview for the Sun Star on Saturday - it won't be published until February or March, but I'll keep you posted.

Sunday was gaming, which was terrific fun. I worked on two Portrait Adoption pieces, one of which still needs a little tweaking. The other:

Click to adopt! $6/$9 for web or standard adoption; she's just a sketch, but I thought there was some charm at this stage.

I also inked two Torn World botanical pieces and sketched a sea monster encounter. The two inked pieces got little article write-ups, so my NotNoWriMo count is now: 12 bit characters, 5 full characters, 7 articles, and 4 pieces of flashfiction. That's 28/30! Woo hoo! 11 days ahead of schedule, and ideas for a lot more than just 2 more bits in my head.

Also, this is two-weeks-warning of radio silence - I am shutting down for the entire month of December! Cyber Monday (the 1st) is the last day for ordering anywhere at any of my sites! I'm putting my email on autoreply and unplugging until early in January. I need a cyber-break, with no Sketch Fest, no Torn World, no deadlines, no emails... and I'm looking forward to it enormously. I don't even plan to blog or update at Facebook!

Today, so far, I've scooped the catbox, vacuumed, folded a load of laundry, made a bunch of phonecalls, and wrote a flashfiction piece. (Counted above...) Now I have to wash milkshake off my glasses (because, graceful...) and think about lunch.

"I'm being gentle," Guppy informed me.


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Nov. 18th, 2014 06:25 am (UTC)
I am shutting down for the entire month of December!
It will be very odd not to see your posts for that long! I've been off the net for a couple of weeks, but I was out of the country and running around like mad at the time. I don't know if I could resist the siren lure of the 'net if I weren't insanely busy. Hoping it turns out to be a good break for you!

Yay, successful con!

Yay, gentle Guppy! Did Velcro agree with her assertion?
Nov. 18th, 2014 10:58 pm (UTC)
I think it will be healthy and fun not to be chained to the computer for a spell. I am trying not to think about things I might get done... it is meant to be relaxing, darn it.

I already have my massage scheduled for December 1. *cracks knuckles*

Velcro must've liked it - she not only stayed still until Guppy got bored, she actually stuck around hopefully for a while afterwards. (I think the thyroid is acting up again and her skin is troubling her - she's grooming bald patches onto herself again. :/)
(Deleted comment)
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