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Oh, this child. We attempted storytime again today, for some crazy reason. After the second boneless sobbing fit (Don't TOUCH me! No!! No storytime! No no no NO!), we left. I scolded her pretty thoroughly, she promised contritely to behave. (I'll be better!) We went to the post office. She attempted to bolt twice. We went to the store, she did not get to drive in the cart. When I asked her if she knew why, she said, "Behave?" I gave her peanut butter and jam sandwiches (it took two!), which kept her occupied until I could load up the cart and check us out.

She got a sticker from the cashier. We came home, I made quesadillas, she announced, "I'm poopy!" So, we later had warmish quesadillas, and then she got a nap.

Just this last week, she has learned how to scowl. I keep trying to snap a good photo of it, but she's been very much of the 'NO PICTURES' opinion lately, and I have to take ninja shots, which turn out blurry. It's not always a grumpy scowl; often it seems to be thoughtful. But it is very, very scowly.

She's also started earnestly singing along with songs. Before this week, she would say 'round and round!' or some other clue to what she wanted ME to sing, but this week, she has been singing the actual words with me, mostly at the right time, and not at all in tune. That's kind of fun.

Ten Kickstarter orders packed up today. 32 left to go! And then, I will be done! And these should be easier ones, since 22 of those are just single-book orders. I was knocking each one out in just a few minutes once I got into the rhythm. I would be further along, but the shipping program stalled out on me. UGH.

A little fanart I did yesterday: See it at River Twine

I think a cup of hot cocoa is in order.
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