Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

October 2014 Roundup

Have you missed some of my creative updates over the last month? I'm doing monthly roundups to try to keep some sense in the chaos!

October was as nuts as September was, with a lot of coloring book work, the INKtober challenge (31 ink pieces in 31 days!), stomach flu (not fun!), animal illness (more not fun!), and the true arrival of winter.


I did 31 ink pieces this month - some of them from existing sketches, some from scratch. The final tally was 2 pieces for coloring books, 20 of them were from Sketch Fests, 7 were for Torn World, 16 were ACEOs, and 3 ended up being for the Sketch Tarot project. (Clearly, there was lots of overlap.)

Most of the originals are available - just let me know if you are interested in one!

Additionally, the color version of Skykittens went up!

Three oooooold pieces of non-canon Torn World concept artwork also were posted: Fighting the Others, Early Ranger Concept, and Early concepts of Bai and Ressa

A ridiculously complicated ACEO was posted at River Twine: Illustration for Brightwood.

Sketches for Sketch Fest: 5 total for 2 Sketch Fests.


A poem went up at Torn World: Sea Monster Skipping Song

And one for subscribers: Ressa Knows


I made some improvements at the Sketch Fest site - especially for product management and expiration. I also did a bit on the backend of the Lilypad and reprogrammed the coloring book ordering page.

The perk for Patreon supporters was a digi stamp of my very popular Candle dragon artwork.

I got 11 coloring books back in print, and sent all of the PDFs out for Kickstarter patrons! This was actually a LOT of work - even the coloring books that had already been in print needed some pretty good re-formatting, and I went ahead and did some general improvements, even releasing one of them as a second edition. But they look AMAZING. I am really happy with my new printing service.

I was part of an art show at the North Pole Grange - it was a lot of fun and I sold a nice pile of coloring books, cards and bookmarks. (Though none of the originals I brought! Alas!)

This is my favorite photo of Guppy from the month:

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