Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily - Velcro update, INKtober report, Guppy photo, and Sketch Fest pending...

Velcro update:

She ate and drank and pooped copiously over Wednesday night, and appears much improved. However, there were no poops to report from yesterday or last night, so I'm desperately hoping she's not blocked up again. I'm giving her subcutaneous fluids (which is surprisingly fun - the only trouble is keeping her from rolling over on her side; she doesn't seem to notice the prick and purrs the whole time).


She says she wants to dress up as a fairy today. We'll see if it lasts; the last time, the costume only lasted about 10 minutes before she wanted out.

We got up several hours earlier than normal (before the alarm went off! zzzz!) and had a lot planned, so this might be an interesting day.


Still 3 behind on INKtober and today is the last day. But it's also Sketch Fest... so it could happen if I get a good nap out of the small monster. I'm so close that I REALLY REALLY want to try to make it.

Other things around the web:

ariestess is doing a one-card draw today: http://ariestess.livejournal.com/2134808.html

Sketch Fest starts in a few hours! http://ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/
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