Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with recovering, #INKtober, earthquakes, and more...

Guppy and I are just getting over being sick; I expect that today will involve lots of cuddles and TV and chicken soup, and I'm behind on daily posting and #INKtober.

-- woah! Earthquake while I was writing this. We had one on Monday, too - a 5.2 that rattled things pretty good. Guppy slept through this one, but I'm WIDE AWAKE NOW. It was long enough that I had time to put my laptop away and head toward her room before things stopped shaking. Looks like they're reporting a 5.1, about 35 miles away! Exciting!

I do have two new INKtober pieces that I did on Monday:

ACEO, for sale $25

ACEO, for sale $15

Being sick has me behind again, but only by two days. I can still do this!

Someone loveslovesloves her new Anna hat:

I got the hat from Etsy - this link goes to the one I got. The seller is temporarily shut down in order to get everything done for their Halloween orders, but you should check out their other hats when they're back.

Coloring books are ready to pick up! It will probably be tomorrow though - I am feeling SO much better, but I think another day of taking it easy is wise.
Tags: alaska, artwork, guppy, inktober, photos

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