Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

#INKtober Art Dump

I caught up yesterday! I don't expect that to last, because I've burned through the most finished of my small portable sketches, and working on bigger things has proved problematic. ("I wanna help! Lemme seeeeee!")

This is my favorite of Sunday's inks:

Heart of the Crystal. From Sketch Fest #44, prompted by Afke. For sale: $25

Foxflexion. From Sketch Fest #43, also prompted by Afke. For sale: $25

Heart Wings. From Sketch Fest #46, prompted by Leanne. For sale: $25

Snailwings. From Sketch Fest #14, prompted by Lindsay. For sale: $10

Ladybug, Fly Away! From Sketch Fest #39, prompted by Heather. For sale: $25

The other two I did will go up at Torn World - I'll post them here when they are approved to the site!
Tags: artwork, inktober

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