Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with inbox maintenance, sketch fest approaching, first fire of the year, and pot pie.

Little monster is far less monstery today. We've been singing and dancing and drawing and counting and she ate a giant breakfast and we're going to go out and play soon.

My inbox has gotten out of control - it was up near 400 this morning, and things were getting lost. So, I dredged back through my Facebook messages and hopefully handled everything there, and got my inbox down to 143, which is still not done, but it is significantly better. Last files off to the printer last night, proofed everything else and approved for printing the first 9 titles. (With adjustments to a few of them) Sent off some Sketch Fest payments and fixed a few mistakes there. Following up on some other business-y things, too.

We have a bonus mid-week Sketch Fest next week on Wednesday! It's just 24 hours, to celebrate the fact that EMG is now drinking age. :P http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/

Come raise a glass with us!

First fire of the year in the woodstove! Guppy helped me carry some of the wood, and we've talked solemnly about stove safety. I have the gates at ready, but she has stayed away from some of the other things we've had solemn talks about, so I'm hopeful we won't need them this winter. No unsupervised time in the living room while I make sure she REALLY understands, of course. All right, who am I kidding; she doesn't really get any unsupervised time in the living room anyway. Right now, she is scrubbing off the kitchen table for me.

In cooking news, I made a pot pie last night. The crust was INCREDIBLE, the texture was PERFECT. And it was completely devoid of flavor. Might have cut the salt just a liiiitttle too far. Sprinkling more on - and a little rosemary - redeemed it entirely.
Tags: guppy, inbox, sketch fest

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