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Lists and sun signs.

Something has /got/ to give.

No, this is not a new realization. But yesterday sucked far worst than usual. Work sucked. Business sucked. Art sucked. Personal communication sucked. Back sucked. Client's t-shirts bled pink (free t-shirts coming, and a day spent testing transfers in my parents' washer...). Did I mention that work sucked? Very, very disappointing day.

Current list of things to do:

~RWH Tarot (I think, that instead of doing NaNoWriMo, I'll do RuWaTaMo... that'll be my big goal for Nov).
~Update with new already-contracted work (SBS's coloring book, MTC's work, NES's limited edition prints, MAB's work, JW's work, RS's work, STL's new stuff...)
~Order VK's books
~Finish contract process (ES, LM, MEB, whatshisface, whatshisotherface, the six or seven ooooold messages I still have to take care of, LH, bug SB, look for new work by LH... and more...) and proceed to get that work up.
~Big bazaar on Nov 2, make stock, prep.
~Test-print STL's book.
~buy trimmer.
~Move computer to house
~mail order
~Go make new t-shirts and mail, free of charge. Fortunately, I have transfers leftover from last time.

~Resolve loan situation. Bastards.
~Resolving loan situation may require adding smoke alarms to house and rolling into non-conventional loan.
~Finish wiring
~Finish plumbing
~Hire sheetrocking
~Roof for outhouse
~Finish electric trench for plugging in cars
~Assemble shed
~Change oil in car
~I don't want to write a whole list...

~Check to bank for Dad from Teresa
~Finish Wendy's damn logo
~Clean house
~Work 36 hours a week.

Stolen from delusiongirl: stuff about sun-signs. I agree with almost all of it if you replace 'talking' with 'writing.'

Sun in Gemini
Like the inconstant moon, your mind is constantly on the move--inquisitive, precocious, restless and changing. Versatility is your mainstay, and you can do many things at once. You have a need to communicate on all levels, whether it be through speaking, writing, broadcasting or sign language. Your logical, rational mind works quickly, and has great potential--especially when it works through some media.
You most likely enjoy talking on the telephone, whether initiating a conversation or responding. Your youthful, lively personality is like a magnet, and people of all walks of life are drawn to you. Your worst fault is that your many interests could make you lean towards superficiality. This could also lead to never finishing projects once started. You can curb these traits by focusing in on your skills, and choosing only a few areas in which to become an expert.

Your winsome ways make you the natural salespeople of the zodiac; you could sell anything to anyone, anytime. You could work almost anywhere--department stores, advertising, commercial sales, business. Your need for communication also makes you gifted in teaching, writing, or reporting; notice all of these are not desk jobs and they do not involve routine. In addition, you excel in anything to do with diversity, which can be public or behind the scenes. You could also make a good counselor since one side of your split "twin" personalites is always listening. Other possible career choices for you include acting, politics, researching, or being a librarian.

You can be very shrewd and cunning, and your chief fear in life is boredom. Because you are a twin--the first dual sign of the zodiac--you can either be at war with your self, or achieve a high state of harmony, like the yin-yang. You represent the split between the divine and the human in all of us, and your biggest achievement is finding a way to harmonize that split. If it is weak, you could be like a whimsical butterfly, flitting from one situation to another. If controlled, you grow incredibly by your many varied experiences, which add depth to your person--even wisdom.

Though you are not known for your concentration or persistence, you are very versatile and adaptable, making you a natural social creature. You need to move around and mingle. Your mind is your greatest asset, and anyone wanting to reach you should do it through logic or reasoning. You enjoy your freedom, and it is difficult to pin you down. You have a tendency to dramatize things, to "think big" then not carry through, to let your imagination get the better of you. If you do not master both of your split persons, you could become neurotic. Also, because Gemini rules the nervous system, they are more prone to nervous breakdowns than other signs in the zodiac.


Your quick mind, unfortunately, can be many times preoccupied with #1 (yourself). The solution to a happy life is to think about others and try to be of service to them. Spread yourself out, but not too thin; use your new ideas to help others. Venture out from curiosity, but use your intellectual mind to understand the world and the relationships between people, places and objects. This could help you in your communication, and really make you an asset in your chosen career.

You may have a dark side, which is changeable and moody. This is when your mind and your heart disagree, when the twins are at war with themselves. Like Geminis Bob Dylan, Marilyn Monroe, and Judy Garland, you may sing lonely ballads or be prone to depression. Often, Geminis leave the family to seek a larger world.

A Gemini woman seems to be all over the place. She can talk, and talk, and talk--on any number of topics. Though her knowledge is mostly superficial, if she has a passion for it, it can be deep. She excels in communication, is frequently flirtatious and flighty. Her restlessness makes her reluctant to commit easily, so a potential mate may have to play the waiting game before she'll settle down. Wait until she makes peace with herself, has sown some wild oats. Remember she's a late bloomer.

Gemini men, you are quick, witty, enigmatic. You keep constantly changing, like a kaleidoscope--just when women have you figured out, you do something completely different. Women should appeal to his intellect if they want to woo him, and remember that he is like two people inhabiting one body: one person is attentive, the other could care less. Ultimately, he needs to know he is appreciated on all fronts. A strong woman can help him fit the two pieces of his personality together.

Geminis can get along socially with just about anyone. They feel most at home with other air signs, particularly Aquarians, who also have quick minds, but they can also get along with their polar opposites, Sagittarius. In romance, Geminis love with their minds first. They thrive on mental stimulation, and many times they will seek friendship first before love. Though they are fickle, once their hearts are won they love deeply. A potential Gemini mate should always remember to seduce the mind first.

You enjoy spending money on things you love. Because you are split, your money habits depend on which "twin" dominates--the spendthrift or the spender. In terms of religion, your restlessness precludes you from being faithful to one denomination--you tend to sample different ones. As an air sign, you enjoy the abstract world of concepts and open-ended plans--and you could debate endlessly the validity or existence of God, or your philosophy of ethics. Committing to one, however, proves difficult until you find one you can completely believe in.

My spendthrift half is definitely dominant.

Your love of words and language also makes you a strong storyteller. You may be the best joke teller at the party, or you may write poetry. Whatever the case, you enjoy experimenting with ideas and expressing opinions just to be provocative. In some cases, content is not as important as contact; your need to express is more important than what you say. Because you are filled with imagination, you are the eternal pre-adolescent, a Peter Pan who never grows up, or takes a long time. You are often a late bloomer, and present yourself as overconfident to hide your youthful insecurities.

Late bloomer is very definitely true... and I still have a heap of youthful insecurities...

You must ward against talking too much, which prevents you from doing things or finishing projects. Although you are charming, you need to get the job done. Your challenge is to try to stick with things, instead of giving in to your short attention span. Stay with relationships and jobs, unless they seem doomed to failure. You have many gifts; your challenge is to figure out the best way to express your talents.

Sun in the First House

Because the First House is associated with dynamic aggression and the heroic quest, the Sun here presents you with powers of leadership, a strong will and exuberant vitality and energy. This position gives you an ambition and a strength to overcome any illness, the power to hold your own against arguments, and an ability to work hard to achieve your goals. This also usually denotes a strong ego with excessive pride, with a desire to have dominion over others. You must guard against too much optimism and personal warmth, which can cause you to dominate rather than lead effectively.

Still, you are extremely self-confident, with usually clear-cut ambitions, which makes this placement excellent for executive types. You want the freedom of being on your own, and have the courage and dignity to do this, but sometimes can resort to arrogance. Since it is the natural ruler of the First House, Mars is a powerful force here. However, the Sun holds the most power--it can warm or burn a person. The person with the Sun here needs to use this force wisely, and balance it while fighting any tendency to aggravate situations. Your whole chart will be dominated by the influence of the Sun, and the effects of the Sun and the Ascendant will also be increased. You may be a double sign--a "double Scorpio" or a "double Capricorn" if your Sun and rising signs are the same. This means you have more vital life force, and also a tendency towards self-absorption--since so much of you is represented here. You have a regal bearing, and are motivated to win, and to be first at everything.

Who, me? Be first at everything? ...

Sun sextile Mars

Lucky for you, this aspect gives you a seemingly endless reserve of energy to endure any hardship, and the courage to overcome difficulties in your life. In addition, any creative ideas you may have will probably find expression because you have the drive and force to go about starting and finishing projects. This aspect confers much will power, decisiveness, and also a certain amount of leadership ability. However, you are nice about achieving your goals--you don't like to step on people's toes in your quest, and you tend to respect people for their talents and abilities.


Sun trine Pluto

This aspect gives you great energy and strength, and you will probably have success in your chosen career because you are self-confident, have a strong character, and are a fighter. However, you need to use your energy constructively. Luckily you are blessed here with exceptional powers of concentration and have the uncanny ability to restore order to any chaotic situation--whether at work, home, or play--thus you are respected and are a natural leader. Your considerable willpower, intuition and insight into other people gives you the ability to serve in any of the healing professions. You are a good fixer of people.

I'm just conceited enough to like the idea of being a fixer of people...

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