Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily with snowman

Staggering into the weekend! Got my flu shot today, and did All The Shopping. (Well, all the food shopping. I still need shoes. And straw.)

Guppy was up early again, and cheerfully crashed down for her nap at the usual time. Furnace repairman came, frowned at our unit, took our unit out, loaded it in his van, and took it away. Fortunately, this is the furnace in the garage, not the house, and it's not bitterly cold yet. We will probably have four inches of snow by this time tomorrow.

Here's a shot with the snowman we built. Despite living in Alaska, actual snowman snow is really rare. Our snow is usually dry and not very sticky; making a snowball is like trying to pack flour into a ball without any liquid. Pff! But our first snow is often wet, and this was no exception. She loves her snowman and wants to go say hi every time we go outside.

Also, when I came up to her closed door this morning, my Frozen-crazy daughter called, "Do you want to build a snowman?" and wouldn't let me come get her until I knocked and sang the first few lines of the song.

Fifth coloring book file off to the printer. Worked on a zombie piece (nearly ready to ink, and I'm sort of loving it!). Need to set a date for the next (bonus!) Sketch Fest and get rock and rolling on that. Also, need to send Monster Hug digistamp out to Kickstarter backers!

*cracks knuckles* Off to it!
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