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Two days without dailies?

Yesterday was a mire of migraine... I haven't had one this bad in years, and a teething two-year-old on top of that was less fun than bees in my shoes. I did get most of my Kickstarter response surveys tallied. And I think I did other things, too. Maybe some laundry? I did make a salmon kale quiche from scratch that was pretty out of this world.

Today, we did all the things we didn't do on Tuesday or Wednesday: went to the post office, and the UPS store, and the library, and got my winter tires on, and went swimming. I was a little leery about tackling any of that, let alone all of it, because monsterus minimus was up several hours early and acting tired. But she was a trooper, and we survived. It was our last swim class of the session, and we were the only ones! Guppy got a certificate and a piece of chocolate. (I got chocolate, too.)

I wanted to do Inktober this month (a piece of ink art every day this month), though I didn't have a chance to start yesterday. I whipped out a quick ACEO card today while I distracted the toddler with markers. (A My Little Pony, because she asked for one.) My impression of this pen I was experimenting with is that it's awesome - and smears badly. Oh well! I will try to sit down and do another tonight after I braindump here.

I got four files to the printer for the coloring books and am most of the way through the fifth. Perfectionist me keeps stopping and tweaking the levels in these pieces so there's continuity in lineweight from one page to another (as much as I can do without actually altering the style!), and fiddling with margins to get them Just Right. And since I have to re-doing each of the old coloring books for size, I might as well update all the general design (back cover and such) so they all match. This text here, it's not PERFECT yet. That layout, it could have a little more space over it. Does that title cover up too much of that art? I could spend seven more weeks doing these, if I let myself.


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Oct. 3rd, 2014 05:37 am (UTC)
I hope the migraines stay away and the inspiration and art stay close. :)

*blows kiss to Guppy*
Oct. 3rd, 2014 08:51 am (UTC)
Ugh, migraines are the worst. Hope you're all over it now.
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