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Ellen Million

September 2014 Roundup

Have you missed some of my creative updates over the last month? I'm doing monthly roundups to try to keep some sense in the chaos!

September was a crazy month, and filled with a number of artwork releases for the coloring book Kickstarter, which ended on Monday. That was an utterly wild ride, and a lot of fun. Guppy decided a growth spurt and a new tooth were needed to cap off the madness.


Tam Lin, above. I love this piece. 9x12 ink on bristol.

Self Portrait of the Artist After the Zombie Apocalypse. Done for the zombie coloring book - not my usual fare, but I enjoyed it.

Muse's Momento. Another not-usual type for me - for the dark fantasy book.

Zombie Pin-up. Are we seeing a theme?

For Sketch Fest, I sketched two more zombies, and a Lacewing Dragon. (All very much in progress...)


Honestly went up for subscribers at Torn World. This is a prequel to the Rails storyline, and was my Patreon perk this month.

I miss writing fiction and would like to do more of it. :(

Other stuff:

I stacked three cords of green wood!
I applied for an artistic grant!
I reorganized my studio space!
I ran a Kickstarter that was a HUGE success, and now have a gazillion coloring books to format and print!
I started swimming lessons with Guppy - and that's been successful, too!

Favorite Guppy photo of the month:
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