Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily with plans awry... snow, and teething...

I had Plans today. They involved swim class, and getting my winter tires on. I called and got on the tire-change list (3 and a half hours out, because it's the first week of winter, and everyone puts it off to the last moment!), vacuum-sealed the pulled pork, scooped the catbox, vacuumed. Guppy was up an hour or two early, but that sometimes happens. I let her watch a Baby Einstein, then put it on in Spanish for a second watching while I washed eight million pork dishes. She ate a lot, too, but that isn't awfully unusual, either.

But at about 10, after building a very nice tower, she started getting sleepy-clumsy (tumbled off a chair, ran into the corner of a table), SUPER clingy, and extra tearful. 'Hug a minute' turned into 'NOT LETTING GO OF MOM EVER' and she fell asleep on my shoulder, something she hasn't done in MONTHS. Maybe a whole year. So. Tire appointment canceled (you're welcome, rest of the line), swim class canceled.

I put her down in the crib and she said, in sleepy-drunk voice: "I'm not done sleeping yet."


She didn't even notice that I couldn't find Pink Blanket for her.

She got a new bottom molar over the weekend, and there is a rough spot on the opposite jaw where another is trying to come in. I think that's playing a big role.

Now, I am going to take advantage of Sudden Free Time Without Baby (!!!) and work on coloring book things. I got all the surveys out yesterday, so it's time to rock and roll on print files and PDFs. YEAH.

Have a completely goofy Guppy in Mama's puffy winter vest:

It's snowing now, GIANT fluffy flakes, and it looks like it's trying to stick, even though it's 33. So, yaknow, maybe not a great day to go in anyway!
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