Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with Thrills! (Park photo, Kickstarter update)

Storytime was squirmy today and swimming was challenging, but in-between we had lunch with Papa and went to the park, so much fun was had.

The Kickstarter has been kicking butt today - ALL the new coloring books are funded, and the first two color covers... and we're only $15.50 from the next two color covers. and we just got the next two color covers! Reprinting Songgryphons is in reach! *dances around the living room* (But quietly, because the small monster is zonked out.)

Sketch Fest is TOMORROW! (Already?!)

I'm planning to run two Sketch Fests in October, both to celebrate EMG's birthday (21! I should have a booze theme...) and because I won't have a chance to run one in December and November is always busy for everyone. Probably one will be mid-week. Should it be 24 or 48 hours? Hmm!

Gotta start the grill! And make more files! And wash dishes! And dance around the living room some more!
Tags: coloring books, guppy, kickstarter, photos, sketch fest

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