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Mondaily with lots to do, Kickstarter updates, and some items of accomplishment.

I have much to do as soon as Guppy gets up; I hear early sounds of possibly rousing, so this may be one of those posts that doesn't actually get posted until afternoon.

She napped yesterday so hard that I had to wake her up after two hours, afraid she wouldn't go down to sleep at night. We went outside to play and after I finished stacking ALL of the wood (YES!), she proceeded to eat a bowl of mac and cheese, a slice of monterey jack cheese, half a bowl of squash, a pile of shredded pork with mustard sauce, a few pieces of roasted potatoes, several slices of watermelon, a graham cracker with peanut butter on it, a dozen grapes and a third of a Reeces peanut butter ice cream bar. She didn't go right to sleep after her shower, but pretty close to it.

Again, I am disappointed by the photo - it feels like a bigger chunk of wood in person. Maybe it's the tarp? It was drizzling all weekend, so, as much as I wanted to admire my lovely stack of fire fodder, it was prudent to cover it. It's nice not having the heap by the front door anymore! And it's a lovely, wonderful sense of accomplishment and security knowing that it's there for several winters in the future. We have a small, tight house, and I think that we've got about four winters worth of wood now - though some of that still needs bucked and split. (It's kerfed, at least, and tarped.) It's getting to be that time of year where we're picking up all the random tools (and toys!) throughout the yard, and thinking about where the snow will be falling off the roof and such.

Saturday was an awesome Kickstarter day, and Sunday was awful, so it evens out to an acceptable weekend. Please note! If you do not have a Kickstarter account (and don't want one, for whatever reason), but you'd like to grab some of these amazing deals (PDFs are ONLY available through the Kickstarter campaign, for example), I am accepting Paypal and EMG credits, and counting them towards our stretch goals! Just let me know which rewards you want, and I'll give you my paypal address or adjust your credits.

Baby, off...
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