Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Blah! Just, blah!


That was my blood sugar this morning. Didn't realize it until I sat down and noticed my legs were shaking. Blah. Stupid blood sugar. No wonder nothing made sense. Fortunately, I had some cocoa with coffee and some of the most amazing beef jerky ever! Thank you, Whitney and Ron - you saved my morning! And yay... horse books!! Thank you so much!! I want to be home drawing horse-creatures right now...

Peeved at my financial institution again. They have /not/ gotten their act together. *gnashes teeth* I went for an appointment yesterday, and they were too busy to talk with me. Too busy to talk to me? At the time of my scheduled meeting? Hel-lo? And they told me on the phone that I would be able to sign everything myself, but noooo, that's not the case, either. So I was given a pile of paper to take home, sign with Jake, and drop off again. And there's a $250/ month fee for an additional 6 month extension that they never told us about. And they are cheating us of two full weeks of free extension. And it took them 3 1/2 months to get back to us about the extension. The CFO is getting a nasty letter from me.

Gotta make an appointment today to see Dr Weber, highly recommended Orthopedic guy who doesn't often advocate surgery. Aching back today. And yesterday. It's not really so bad, except when I forget about it, and slouch in my chair, and it feels like hot wires have been threaded down my hips. Or I bend over, or try to pick something up away from my body. Same story.

We went for a walk last night, up on the road to be easy on my poor back instead of hiking through the woods. It was a gorgeous evening, one of the loveliest, orangest sunsets I've yet seen. Stunning display. We walked to Basin, the road we used to live on, and speculated about people who lived in the houses we passed.

It was beautiful driving in this morning, too. Winter is still in hiding, and the valley was a sea of pearly fog, all the way to the mountain range, which rose up above the clouds in an absolutely glorious show. Driving down into the fog was kind of fun, too. :)

Elevations to draw... *zoom*

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