Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily with food and wood and Kickstarter things

I had most of an entry all made up, accidentally closed the browser, and when it prompted me to restore my draft, I said yes... so it restored the draft from yesterday instead of the super eloquent, perfectly composed update I was actually working on.

I was pretty stompy about that, so I went to pick up Velcro's prescription cat food from down the road and scored a pallet because the delivery driver was just loading up an empty one as I arrived. We stack our wood on pallets, and I've about filled up the ones we have!

Last night I was pretty sure I had moved one wheelbarrow of wood too many - my back was letting me know in no uncertain terms that I was no longer in its good graces. I took pain pills, stretched, and took a hot shower - and this morning, I'm unexpectedly fine. I'm moving a little gingerly because I keep expecting it to hurt, but it keeps on not hurting. YAY. I mean seriously, unexpectedly, YAY. Because I've moved a heck of a lot of wood.

I failed to mention my cooking success of Tuesday, and it's worthy of said mention: I baked a quiche from scratch (Gruyers cheese, kale, and bacon, in a homemade crust), and served carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for dessert. It was so good that I actually got multiple high-fives from across the table. "Yup, I think you deserve another one," he said after a few more bites. *high fives* Best crust yet. *high fives* The carrot cake was divine. *more high fives* ("Egg pie" is what I called it for Guppy, and she ate plenty, too.)

This post is actually a lot more cheerful than my original draft, which failed to mention the delicious food, and was filled with Impostor Syndrome and fretting about Kickstarter. Go happy pallet score! (Also, rolling around on the floor with giggling toddler helps many things.)

Have a 'counting to two' photo from a few days ago:

"Twwwooooo!" she's saying with glee.

Posting now!
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