Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily Brief: Batman in braids

Batman liked her braids:

Another successful swim class, with dunking of the face under water, and a few tentative bubbles (and lots of requests for "Ring around the rosey?"). She's quite alright with the instructor taking her for a while now.

I? Am stacking wood for the winter!

I actually really enjoy this task - it is very rewarding to find just the right spot to nest a weird-shaped piece of wood so that it all fits together into one solid, perfect stack. It is also feels good being able to tame a giant, messy, haphazard heap into something orderly and logical, and to think about how many amazing fires this will be as I haul yet another heaping wheelbarrow over. It is very green wood, and so sappy it looks like it's been drizzled in honey in places; I have a sneaking suspicion that my stack is going to glue itself into one giant omni-log, like some kind of bizarre log laminate material.

I tried yesterday to take some photos of the leaves falling - there was a beautiful swirly storm of them briefly! The photos do not capture the feeling and sound and swirl very well, however. I will post the best of them later.
Tags: alaska, guppy, photos

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